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Last Revision:8 May 2001
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Ok baby, you need at least:

For x86 Operating System (windoooze, linux):

24Mb of RAM
Pentium 266Mhz
  • Note: The server can work even with a Pentium at 133Mhz but the Squeak GUI will be very very SLOW (but not as slow as Java swing on the same machine!).

For Mac

PowerPc 400Mhz or higher
32Mb of RAM
  • Note: You can try MacOs8.x but I just hate MacOz. It is very very unstable, so I'd not test nothing below MacOs 9.0.4

For PDA:

Not tested.
Be carefully (expecially with windooze CE:)!
Please see the installation instruction on the squeak site, http://www.squeak.org, before trying DaitanMarks. No special support needed, but at least 4Mb of RAM are required.

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