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Last Revision:8 May 2001
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TODO/Bugs List

Bug for priority:

  1. For the moment, the last visited entry is present but unused/unsupported by the application.
  2. Two useres can edit the same bookmarks. Can arise race condition, even for the save option!
  3. For the moment the parser is very stupid. If you have the title with spaces and you use space as separator, you got a disaster. Same if you try to use the special double '' character in the entry.
  4. The form acquisition is strong but not strogest as possible.
  5. On fly bookmarks sorting is impossible. The bookmarks are sorted before storing, so you got a sorted structure if you need it.
  6. Keyword search is very strict: if you search new you will not get the bookmarks with the keyowrd "news"
  7. You cannot delete bookmarks for the moment (easy to add, if userful)
  8. If the server is not stopped properly, it is a disaster. You can save all the bookmarks at every edit, if needed. Required: a auto-save every x minutes.
  9. Netscape importer is too simple and error prone.

Features to add:

  • Pervasive Search Engine (actually search only on keywords!).
    • Search on entire bookmark (name url and so on).
  • Secure locking of bookmarks while a user is editing it. It is difficult to have a time-limited locking!
  • On fly sorting: actually cannot work because resorting destroy the editing-confirm-cycle (In pratica, mi trovo a confermare un bookmark diverso rispetto a quello che stavo editando).
  • Explorer Import Engine
  • Per user-private bookmarks (but I want a public archive!)

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