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Last Revision:8 May 2001
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What is it?

DaitanMarks is a Web Application for storing, sharing, searching and exchanging your bookmarks.
It is written in Squeak Smalltalk.
The web interface of daitanmarks is written using the Comanche Swiki Beta11 a very powerful swiki-web-server!

For more information on Squeak, please see also the main swiki

Key Features

  • DaitanMarks can run on Windows, Unix, MacOs and also your preferred PDA!
  • Auto collection keywords from your description
  • Auto Save of bookmarks for avoiding server crash.
  • Fast and easy addiction of elements
  • Importing/exporting in Comma Separated format or using your preferred separor (for example | or others!). The list is ordered by name.
    • Even simple importer from Netscape!
  • Simple and clean design and interface(WhyNotPHP)
  • The engine is secure (you cannot force it inserting dirty codes on the forms).
  • It is robust
  • It is written in Smalltalk
  • Why this strange name for the project?

See also TODO/Bugs List

Why PHP isn't a good choice?

I have used PHP 4 for about 4 months. So I know it a little. PHP is not true O.O. In my own opinion, you cannot do a quite complex application using PHP, without a good DB design and a good bug fixing.
Worst, the PHP data types are very very simple and you should write a lot of code for doing simple operations.
Daitanmarks is done using about 4 classes, and some strong design patterns (as Singleton).
Daitanmarks run quite fast without a database supporting it.

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