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[Install instruction for the big zip]

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Last Revision:8 May 2001
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Install instruction for the big zip

DaitanMarks Beta1.0

Install Instruction

You got it!

Be patient!
This is a first pre-beta release, it works great on Windows, Linux and Mac.
Please mail every bug to the mailing list of the project.

Steps for installation:
  1. Save this html page for future reference and for Bug Reporting
  2. Get your Squeak 2.8VM from Squeak main site: http://www.squeak.org Daitanmarks is not tested with Squeak 2.9/3.0. If you are not a wizard of Squeak, please use the Squeak2.8! If you like to edit the code, download the SqueakV2.sources
  3. Download the fullImage.zip. You will get the Comanche Swiki Beta 11 as a bonus.
  4. Install Squeak 2.8 in a folder called daitanmarks
  5. Unzip the zip file in the daitanmarks folder(AboutMac)
    1. Launch SqueakVM (Mac and Windows: doubleclicking on the VM icon; Linux: launch squeak excutable)
    2. You will get a workspace and a yellow launcher called "DaitanMarks ComSwiki Launcher"
    3. Click on "start" on the Launcher. For more information see About_the_Launcher
  6. Wait until the launch console got a Red button.
  7. Go to http://localhost:8080/daitanamarks and start enjoy!

Note: If you have a very slow machine, the startup procedure my take a little.


The "DaitanMarks ComSwiki Launcher" is derived from ComSwiki.
You can choose the port, I will suggest you 8080.
For more information on ComSwiki go to http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/swiki

Bug Reporting

Bug Report is very important in every stage.
So PLEASE report bugs to the mailing list specifying:
  • Your O.S. type and version (i.d. Linux 2.X.y or Windooze2000)
  • The Error you get.
  • You idea about the bug (for example if it is a Squeak bug or so on).
  • The DaitanMark version

Squeak Versions:

Note: I know Squeak 3.0 is out of there. But I haven't yet tested it with daitanmarks.Worst I have not tested the code whith the last swiki, If you are a strong and big squeaker (bigger than my home cat ;) try it and report me every problem/idea.

About unzipping on mac.

Please note you must unzip the files, obtaining this directory structure:
If you use StuffitExpander, you need to manually rearrange folders!

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